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Nothing Sells More per Square Foot

Maximize your floor space by using the power of the endless aisle.



Putting your sales staff in the driver seat. Your clients will love it.


Custom Pricing

Catalog Kiosk lets you display custom set retail pricing – or no prices at all.


Individual Products

Define what's going on your kiosk displays by selecting products in our easy-to-use management console.


Save A Tree

Catalog Kiosk is always up to date. No need to reprint paper catalogs when products change.


Expand Your Showroom

Don't just show what's on your floor. Create a better customer experience and sell more.


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Powerful Features


Display What's Immediately Available

Ashley Express is Ashley Furniture factory-to-consumer direct shipping program. Wondersign's Catalog Kiosk marks all 3,500 Express-shippable items in the digital catalog to provide the consumer with a broad selection of items that ship within 48 hours. In today's world of immediacy an essential feature to fulfill these needs.


Warehouse Inventory - In Real Time

Display real-time warehouse inventory on your kiosk. Don't leave the customer on the floor because you have to look up inventory status on a computer. Let the consumer or RSA check inventory levels right on the kiosk. Real-time warehouse availability works on all compatible devices after activation.


Real-time warehouse availability is a premium add-on feature for Wondersign's Catalog Kiosk. Setting up the warehouse-specific availability feature requires a one-time activation fee of $149 per account. The fee is independent of the number of devices connected to the account, and the feature can be used on all devices with no restrictions.

What they say about us

Customer Success Stories

Our 42” Wondersign paid for itself in 10 days! This new sales tool is trending an additional $300,000 plus in sales to our current retail sales trends for the year. Paper catalogs have been thrown away and are no longer needed!
Faith Furniture
Manhattan, KS
This thing has revolutionized our catalog business and has given us a new way to offer endless product options to our customers at the touch of their fingertips! We love it and so do our customers!
Dream Decor
Springfield, MA
One of the best investments I have ever made for my business. The kiosk creates sales on a regular basis. The Wondersign team is fantastic in regards to their responsiveness to inquiries and updates.
Ricks Furniture
Sulphur, OK
Ashley’s Wondersign is amazing. It’s an essential tool we use every day. It’s fantastic when ordering/completing bedroom groups and has eliminated ordering mistakes.
Rosso’s Furniture
Gilroy, CA
Adding Wondersign to our store has significantly increased special order sales. We saw a return on our investment in the first 60 days and would highly recommend Wondersign to any dealer.
Best Furniture Mentor
Mentor OH
Our new 49” Wondersign is a magnet to our customers and has created more inquiries on Ashley products that has led to more pieces per order and a higher average sales check.
Simply Discount
Santa Clarita, CA
Customers love the kiosk and it is helping to close sales especially with product that is not displayed on the floor.
Brothers Furniture
Philadelphia PA
On Tuesday the Elk Grove location sold a $5,000 order and they told me it was because they could expand the pictures much larger than any catalog page and see detail that otherwise was not visible on the catalog pages.
American Furniture Galleries
Sacramento, CA
The Ashley Kiosk is one of the best things that we have ever done for our sales of Ashley furniture. The kiosk probably paid for itself 10 times over the first 90 days it was in our showroom
Clinton Appliance & Furniture
Clinton, NC
I added a 3,000sq foot youth department to my store without any new construction…..Thanks Wondersign!
Family Furniture
Stuart, FL
I couldn’t be happier with the purchase of my Wondersign. Customers are really drawn to the kiosk and they love the technology and how easy it is to use.
Housers Furniture
Tishomingo, OK
Usually there is a line of customers at the Wondersign kiosk. I need to get a 2nd one for the store.
Railway Freight
Albany, GA
The Wondersign is a terrific tool for our store. The salespeople find it easy to use and beneficial when helping guests. We have had sales both big and small as a direct result of having the Wondersign.
Compass Furniture
Jefferson, LA
We love the Wondersign Kiosk!….We have been able to expand our selection tremendously, and sales are up!
Keys Furniture Connection
Florida City, FL
We set up our endless aisle kiosk yesterday afternoon and made our first sale off of it within the first hour! We are very satisfied and excited moving forward!
Furniture World
Petal, MS
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is Catalog Kiosk?

Catalog Kiosk is the digital version of the Ashley Furniture product catalog. It’s a touch application for Apple iPads, Android tablets, and Google Chrome devices.

What products will be displayed?

Catalog Kiosk requires your Ashley account number and will only display products that are available to you. All changes to your Ashley account will be reflected in the Catalog Kiosk application.

Can I display prices in my catalog?

Absolutely! Catalog Kiosk gives you the ability to display your own retail prices in the catalog. It lets you create promotions and change general price multipliers for entire categories or individual prices for single products on the fly.

What if a product is discontinued?

Catalog Kiosk automatically updates the product database over night and only includes products that are currently available. Discontinued items will not be displayed in the app.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the app?

Yes. Catalog Kiosk is updated over the Internet and requires a stable connection using either WiFi, wired LAN, or we can provide a solution for 4G/LTE connection.

Can I use my own iPad?

Yes. Catalog Kiosk is available from the App Store and can be downloaded to any iPad device. To receive product data you will need an individually configured account, linked to your Ashley account number.

I have a small store, does this product still make sense for me?

Catalog Kiosk is a virtual extension of your physical showroom. It’s actually a perfect fit for smaller stores because it allows you to show many products you would otherwise not be able to accomodate in your physically limited space.

How many licenses do I need for my store?

We recommend at least one stationary kiosk for your clients to interact with for each 3,000 sqft of floor space. Additionally, consider equipping your sales staff with the mobile iPad version of the Catalog, which will give them access to all products at any time no matter where they are inside the store. So the question of how many licenses is a very individual one that needs to be answered specifically for each dealer's situation.

Works with your device

We support all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Chrome OS

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